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I will ask you coaching questions and you will find the answers within you, the only answers you yourself wish to follow.

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Through the live chat icon I'm here to start a discussion with you. What topic? That is for you to decide. I'll just help you resolve issues, help you grow and meet the future you wish to have.
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My life experience and reading through many psychology and coaching books gave me perspective which is in combination with my personal gift of empathy very thorough.


New articles about life topics will appear in the Blog section. Read through them and maybe you can find answers for your questions right there.

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I have always loved helping people, so I created this website to help those who ask for it.

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Person #1

Person #1

Team Leader

"In the today's rather materialistic society there is fortunately that kind of people who can reinforce your internal and hidden self - Harry is one of those talents who can spend a few minutes with you and ask the right question to help you understand the meaning behind own actions. With this being said, I'm always pleased to discuss professional and personal matters, relying on his experience."

Person #2

Person #2

Senior Technical Support Consultant

"Harry is a person you can fully rely on. Work-related or personal matters, he is always there to support you, guide you or even just to listen. His positive energy can brighten up your day and help you to get over any sorrow. I am grateful to call him a friend!"

Person #3

Person #3

Retail Bank Business & Process Analyst

"Feedback to fill in."

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Stories of life lessons, human qualities, struggles and victories.

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